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Trademark Application Basics: What You Need to Know

Filing for a trademark can be an exciting moment for any company or small business. It marks the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship with customers, stakeholders, and the marketplace. Many companies may wonder if they are eligible to file for a trademark application even if they are not currently selling any products or services. The answer is yes! Let’s take a look at why and how you can begin the process of filing a trademark application. 

The Value of Trademarks 

A trademark is your company’s unique identifier that helps distinguish it from competitors in the industry. It also gives your customers confidence in the quality of your product or service. When customers recognize your trademark, they associate it with dependability and trustworthiness. In addition, trademarks give legal protection in case someone else attempts to use your logo or name without permission. This protection allows you to protect the investments you have made into your company’s brand identity by stopping other businesses from using it without authorization. 

Filing Requirements 

Before filing for a trademark application, there are certain requirements that need to be met first. First, you must make sure that no one else has already registered a similar mark in the same class of goods or services as yours. It’s important to do research on existing trademarks before submitting your application so that you don’t end up spending money on something that won’t be approved eventually due to duplication issues. Once you have confirmed that no one else has registered a similar mark, then you can proceed with filing your own application with all relevant supporting documents such as proof of use (if applicable) and information about who owns the right to use the mark (usually your business entity, e.g. LLC). 


A trademark is an important asset for any company because it allows them to protect their brand identity from unauthorized use by others in their industry. Even if you aren't currently selling any products or services, you can still register for a trademark application as long as all the necessary requirements are met ahead of time, such as doing research on existing trademarks and providing proof of ownership and use (if applicable). With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently start protecting your brand's identity today!

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